7 Reasons Camping is Beneficial to Your Health

1. Fresh Air

After setting up your tent or moving your belongings into your yurt, you take a deep breath and are overwhelmed by a feeling of happiness. This is not only because you are about to embark on a week-long vacation, but because you are surrounded by trees which give off a high-capacity of oxygen. Your brain functions better with this increased level of oxygen and releases serotonin, which makes you feel happy and lowers your stress level.

Fresh air has other health benefits, such as improving your blood pressure, aiding digestion, and boosting the immune system. Providing your body with these higher levels of oxygen over a series of days increases the effect of these health benefits.

2. Socialization

In a society where hard work is idealized, and more time is spent at your place of employment rather than at home, camping provides time away from daily stresses and allows time for you and your family to socialize without distractions. According to The American Journal of Public Health, socializing can delay memory problems and extend your lifespan.

3. Exercise

Camping provides a great deal of exercise. You walk to different amenities, swim, play sports, hike, fish, etc. These different exercises burn off a greater amount of calories than an office job would. Exercise activates your cardiovascular system and is beneficial to the health of your heart and lungs.

4. Sunshine

Whether you are sleeping outdoors or taking refuge in an RV, just spending down time outside has a huge impact on your health. The sun is not only good for that tan, but it also provides our bodies with Vitamin D. This is essential to our well-being because Vitamin D allows our body to absorb calcium and phosphorous which strengthens our bones and teeth.

5. Good Nights Sleep

Sleeping in as long as you like, the quiet of nature, sleeping under the stars, or in a soft comfortable bed are all available to you at our campground. After a long day filled with activities, fresh air, and the sun, it is no wonder that falling to sleep is easy. A good night sleep is needed to keep your body functioning correctly, it also reduces inflammation, and can improve sleep cycles long after your vacation is over. The yellow light of the campfire increases your level of melatonin, a chemical made by the body to regulate sleep.

6. Less Stress

Being outdoors and camping allows you to remove yourself from the stresses of your career. Sitting by the pool or in front of a dim campfire are great ways to relieve stress. Although many campsites offer wifi, it is important to allow yourself time away from technology and connectedness (the need to be connected through social media). The decrease in the constant stimulation of technology will encourage a greater psychological and emotional health.

7. Decreases Depression and Anxiety

Research has shown that green spaces can decrease depression by up to 71%. Camping allows us to break away from the chaos of life and enjoy the simplicity of nature. Clarity can be developed from the solitude of nature.

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